Wanting to find a use for those empty cat food cans?

Craft this easy DIY Kitty Cat Can Christmas Tree!!!


  • 51 total cans
  • 1 and 1/2 ” wide and 32″ long light weight board
  • 1 small gauge wire for hanging top ornament
  • glue gun with several glue sticks
  • something for a topper (I used a metal star)


I glued 6 cans together to make the trunk of the tree.

Then I took the board and glued it onto the tree trunk.

Now, start gluing the first layer of cans onto the board. Continue to layer the cans, always using one less can as seen in the video.

This takes a lot of glue sticks, so have plenty (I would say at least one per row).

When you have the last can for the top take something (I used an old ice pick) and puncture a hole as big as the wire and glue the wire in place.  Give it time to dry and then place it on top and add whatever ornament. I placed a star with a piece of twine on mine!

My cats just loved it!

DIY Kitty Cat Can Christmas Tree

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Posted by Farm Cat Chat on Wednesday, December 14, 2016



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