Meet Special Needs Kitty, Wimbledon & His Brother, Flash

meet special needs kitty
meet special needs kitty
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Meet Special Needs kitty, Wimbledon. Wimbledon because he is like a yellow tennis ball and bounces off everything, he has problems keeping his balance. Wimbledon’s mother was a stray cat that came to the farm and had two kittens in a hay loft. The mother cat dropped Wimbledon from the hay loft which could be the cause of him being a special needs kitty cat or he could be because of Cerebellar Hypoplasia where the brain did not develop completely. The mother cat was a terrible mother and stopped feeding her two kittens so since being of kind heart my daughter, Melanie took them and fed them best she could. You may notice in the pictures and video that Wimbledon has a face like a little alien. Wimbledon has short yellow fur. Wimbledon also has a brother, Flash who looks like a Main Coon Cat. Two brothers that look nothing alike but love each other. They were born in the fall of 2015 and took much time to care for them. I being the grandma became their caretaker. Wimbledon has to be cared for in a protected environment as he could not jump up to get away from animals that would cause him harm and since he has issues with balance he could never save himself by hunting for food on his own. I will be posting new videos and pictures to show how Wimbledon has became stronger. Flash will be among the pictures and videos and is just as important because he has given Wimbledon much needed comfort and is his playmate.

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